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World Rhythms Community Drum Classes

  • $ 10000

90 Minute Class
Groups of 4 to 10: $100.00
10 to 15: $150
16+: $200/by arrangement

Join us for a fun and structured introduction to the foundational skills and concepts of Worldbeat Hand Drumming including hand technique, listening, comprehending polyrhythmic structure, and relating to Clave. Our goal is to impart correct hand technique for the instruments, including an appreciation of the cultural context for the rhythms. This allows us to to teach the Musicality of Community Drumming. The traditions of Worldbeat percussion evolved to facilitate a village of players cooperating to create coherent collaborative rhythms, where everyone uniquely contributes and everyone’s contribution is felt. It is this concerted effort that gives these rhythms their community-building potential. Studying these rhythms allows us to understand the underlying principles of construction and begin to apply that to our own efforts at rhythm crafting.

If you have particular rhythms you would like to learn please let us know! We will be happy to accommodate.

A standard class will include Hand Technique Instruction, Call and Response practice leading into foundational rhythm sets (African or Middle Eastern), guided Orchestration of Polyrhythmic parts, and then Orchestrated Play, including starting and stopping with a Signal or “Break.” We will be continuing our tradition of studying seasonally appropriate rhythms from around the globe, and adding a “Mad Drum Circle Skills” Drills & Skills Development segment to each class.

Bring your own drum or use one of ours!

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