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Video Lessons with Wolf

  • $ 2500

We are offering video lessons with Wolf. Beginners, we got ya and will work on hand technique, basic drills and foundational cadences; Intermediate/more advanced students, you design your lesson by choosing what you want to learn:
  • Mad Drum Circle Skills
  • Any traditional rhythms (African, Afro-Latin, Middle Eastern, etc.) in Wolf's Books (or that he has studied and notated but not published yet)
  • Shamanic Drumming

Sliding Scale: $25 to $40 per hour. $10/hr for each additional participant (Maximum oif 3, and all at same location. I can't hear more than one location well enough that I feel I can do my best for you, due to latency issues.

Skype or Zoom. Lessons will be conducted primarily in traditional call and response style to learn individual parts or drills. Layering/orchestration will be accomplished by creating practice tracks (prerecorded or on the fly) for you to play along to so that Wolf can make sure you have the layering and voicing correct. Notation for drills and rhythmic parts will be provided for everything we cover during a lesson.

To schedule: please call Wolf at 407-810-0525 to reserve your time(s). Payment in full is due at time of reservation; immediately return to this page, pick your hourly rate from the sliding scale AND the number of hours, and make payment.