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Triple Goddess Cowrie Shell and Bone Evil Eye Necklace - Item #001090

  • $ 8500

Three graduated cowrie shells act as focal presence for this three-strand beauty which also features two different types of Tibetan Dzi-style Eye beads, Engraved Cow Bone Eye beads, and small cowbone round beads, with one carved cowbone Hairpipe-style bead.

The inside strand measures 18”, and the drop measures approximately 5” from the hairpipe to the end of the bottom cowrie shell.

Eye beads have been linked to protection against the Evil Eye for literally millennia, and the cowrie shell has been thought to be the gift of abundance from the “Mother of the Waters” and in some parts of Africa also represent the human eye.

All of our jewelry and art are ONE OF A KIND - we do not create duplicates, so you are guaranteed a unique design!

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