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Tribal Radhoui & Resin Amber Necklace - Item #001096

  • $ 7600

Created with Tribal Dance in mind, this bold piece has numerous Moroccan Radhoui beads along one side of the asymmetrical but balanced design.

Radhoui is a tribal imitation amber made by hand from tree resin and other secret ingredients, and each bead is hand-shaped while the mixture is cooling; it is prized as a symbol of wealth and affluence - VERY collectible.

The remaining beads that adorn this necklace are: several forms of Tree Resin Amber (gold to blood-red translucent), and black Coca wood spacer beads.

The necklace measures 22.25" long.

This necklace is part of our Artisan Collection and is a one-of-a-kind expression; this is the only one of this design that we will create so you are guaranteed a unique piece!

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