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The Science and Spirit of The Healing Drum

The Science and Spirit of The Healing Drum

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While many of us have experienced that music and drumming can be very healing, an understanding of HOW this occurs, and under what circumstances, allows a much more intentional approach!
This participatory class presents a summary of current medical and psychosocial scientific research into the healing effects of drumming. This is a huge topic but can be broken down into two main areas: Drumming AS medicine (Rhythms used as treatment for an afflicted individual) and Group Drumming for Wellness (group expressive experiences that improve the immunological or psychological wellness of participants). These are correlated with traditional, indigenous, spiritual techniques that utilize the same methods and principles to effect the same results! We will therefore be discussing Minianka healing drumming from Mali, and Ngoma healing from Central Africa.
Weaving together research from HealthRhythms, DrumBeat, The Strong Institute (Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention) and more, with ethnographic information from indigenous world shamanic traditions, this class will provide a great foundation for understanding healing drumming!

90 Minute Workshop/Lecture
Groups of 1 to 10: $150.00
10 to 15: $200
16+: $250/by arrangement

Class size is limited to 20 participants
About Wolf:
Wolf Murphy, M.A. (English), RYT and Owner of The JAMMIN! Shop, has been instructing, facilitating drum circles, and storytelling with the drum for decades. He has incorporated a wide diversity of instruments (as well as found and created ones) into his performances and recordings. He is a Remo Health Rhythms Trained Facilitator; a Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention Authorized Therapy Provider; and has performed, practiced Sound Healing modalities, and recorded from coast to coast.
Wolf completed Shine On Yoga’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and has done numerous workshops incorporating drumming for brainwave entrainment with yogic practice, as well as continuing ongoing vibrational energy cleansings (Gong Flow Meditation) and treatments using instrumentation including rattles, singing bowls, bells, and gongs.

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