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Shaman/Frame/Hoop Drum "Initiation" 14 by 4 inches 001534

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Frame: 14 by 4 inches, top/bottom reinforcement strips, Mulberry Wood

Skin: Translucent Buffalo Hide

Lacing: Horse Hide

Artwork: "Initiation"—This is based on a petroglyph showing the skeleton inside the Shaman figure and symbolizes the dismemberment and reintegration themes of Shamanic initiation.

"Of primary importance for interpreting the X-ray style anthropomorphic rock art images is the moment of obtaining the shamanic gift. This is when a would-be shaman goes into a trance in order to undergo the mystical dismemberment of his body by spirits, the loss of his flesh, and to contemplate his own skeleton. The experience of death and rebirth is the most important condition for obtaining the power of shamanizing: only after this experience does a shaman reach the level at which his spirit-assistant sees fit to appear to him. The shaman’s contemplation of his own skeleton requires extreme concentration of his powers.” (E. V. Devlet, X-ray style anthropomorphic rock art images and the mythological subject of obtaining the gift of shamanizing, in Archaeology, Ethnology and Anthropology of Eurasia, 2:2:88–95)

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