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Shaman Drum Build ADD-ONS

  • $ 125

These are a bunch of customizable "Add-ons" you can choose from to personalize the sound and appearance of your drum. In alphabetical order:

Bells in Frame: We will insert tiny screweyes with 3/8" brass bells attached along the top inside edge of the frame. These add a very pleasant soft bell sound. See photos.

Bone handles: We will tie the drum with a bone handle in the center of the drum! See photos. Currently we have Florida Deer and Wild Boar that we rendered and cleaned in stock; we are happy to look for any variation you want (within the laws of the states we are in!)

8-Spoke Lacing: Our usual Lacing is a standard Shamanic Cosmology, in the form of a cross or World Tree, with the individual laces representing the branches of the tree above, the roots below, and the Middle Realms of Earth represented by the horizontal line and laces. The 8-Spoke lacing is adapted from Norse or Viking protective bind-runes, including Galdrastafir. See photos.

Dreamweaver Lacing: We can lace the entire back of your drum in a Dreamweaver pattern! The cost for this is PER INCH DIAMETER of the hoop you are selecting, so please use the diameter of your drum as the quantity for this variant. (Pictures TK)

Spiral Lacing: This is a style of lacing that creates a spiral pattern on the back of the drum. We can do this  with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 arms of the spiral (This will also determine the number of Laces used, so the math makes sense.) See photos.

"Resonator Lumps": These are objects attached to the hoop of the drum on the OUTSIDE, that create a more complex pattern of tension across the head of your drum. It is a subtle effect and affects the harmonics more than the fundamental tone of the drum; I find it to be a very trancey enhancement. We are using bone end caps, but can use other things as well—Quartz crystals, large stone beads, etc. See pictures—and contact us if your imagination goes further!

Sealant: 0The greatest challenge with these drums is that they are fixed-head drums and the natural skins soften in high humidity—so if you're outdoors in a humid state, you lose resonance. While you can heat them up and restore the sound, one option is to coat the skin with—yes—Thompson's Deck Sealer. (I learned this trick replacing heads on Banjos. The bridge rests right on the skin, so for a Banjo player it is VITAL that the skin hold tension and thus tone. NOTE!: IF you are planning on decorating your drum head, we recommend that you apply the sealant yourself AFTER you paint the head (and if you are GOING to paint the head we HIGHLY recommend sealing it, or the leather of the beater may smear the art.)

Vertebrae for Delay Effect: A JAMMIN! Shop original! Wolf did beadwork on the back of one drum, and chose a vertebrae with a spine long enough to bounce off the head of the drum while it was being played—and it created a VERY cool delay effect! On a larger drum, we might even be able to fit 2 or 3. See Photos.


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