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Sacred Ground Drum Building & Ceremony!

  • $ 11400

Build your own Shaman (Hoop) Frame Drum! 

All materials are included: your multi-ply Maple pre-routed ready-to-head hoop, the rawhide drum head, and the rawhide lacing used to attach your head. You will mount your rawhide drum head. You may usually select Calf, Deer, Goat or Horse hide for your instrument—please include a note with your order letting us know your preference. Other hides (Moose, Red Stag, Elk) are available at an additional cost.

This is a fantastically primal experience and you will not only craft your own spiritual instrument but will learn some of the technique and lore associated with this style of Healing Drum. Prices listed include the workshop and Ceremony fee and all materials required!

At this event the drum building will be followed by a Ceremony. From our hostess at Divine Energy/Sacred Ground, regarding the Ceremony:

"After our completion of the sacred ground gathering in Drum making, there will be a sacred ceremony for all intrested for those attending. Here you are to set your intention to your personal path and decree a hearts desires over your life through the beat of the drum. Calling in the native brothers sister and great great ancestors into the ceremony, the father sky of our Divine Blessings and your healing path. I will personally bless your drum and your soul in the preserve with pray-filled herbs & oil as above so below. In this we will activate the sacred prayer of releasing and calling forth your intention for you to move forward in your life’s destiny from a Divine Open Heaven."

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