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Roosebeck Tunable Bodhran with Cross-Bar

  • $ 12995

Primary rhythmic accompaniment for Celtic and Irish music. These drums have a goatskin head and a beautiful sheesham frame that has a black band around it. Player is able to tune drum by adjusting hardware hidden inside. Equipped with fixed cross bars to help support hand and wrist when applying pressure to head from inside of frame.

Accessories Included:
Tuning wrench

Goat Skin Head, Crisper Sound
Solid Sheesham Frame
Sleek Tuning on Inside of Frame
Fixed Cross-Bar, Great for the Beginner
3.5-inch Deep Shell, Easy to Reach the Head
Includes Tipper, Fun to Play

Note: The Double layer head is 2 goat skins for superior strength; the soft natural head has been tanned/processed for an extra smooth texture to the skin.