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Mad Badass Shaman Bling Necklace Bone, Prayer Beads, Skulls (001435)

  • $ 11900

This striking necklace has a hand-carved Bone skull set in handworked tribal "Silver". The rest of the strand features:

  • Red Horn round beads
  • Antique Ethiopian "Silver" Prayer Beads 
  • Boar Teeth
  • White Bone carved round beads
  • 2 Antique Lead Skulls from Carnivals or Circuses!
  • Wire Mesh Beads
  • 6 Ethiopian Telsum "Prayer Box" beads 
  • White bone hand carved Skull Bala beads
  • 6 graduated gold Horn Mushroom beads
  • end cap beads from an Ethiopian Prayer necklace.

The skull is about 2" by 1.25".
The necklace (inside diameter) is about 22.5".

This necklace is part of our Artisan Collection and is a one-of-a-kind expression; this is the only one of this design that we will create so you are guaranteed a unique piece!

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