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Mad Drum Circle Skills! Book with 350+ Audio Practice Tracks

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Wolf's style of teaching has always had a strong focus on speaking and counting the rhythms being played to situate each rhythmic part in the ostinato or groove. In addition he learned and invented drills for developing hand technique and precision in the context of polyrhythm and polymeter.

In Mad Drum Circle Skills Wolf explains the fundamental ideas underlying world polyrhythmic percussion grooves, with examples both notated in the accessible BeatBox Notation and included as audio practice tracks. Learn more about our intuitive BeatBox Notation.

Here are the Chapter titles to illustrate the scope of the book:

Chapter 1: Talking About Rhythms
Chapter 2: Vocalizing and Counting
Chapter 3: Learning Complex Cadences
Chapter 4: Hand Technique
Chapter 5: Common Cadences
Chapter 6: Building Speed and Developing Rolls
Chapter 7: Polyrhythm
Chapter 8: Rhythmic Transformations
Chapter 9: Clave
Chapter 10: Where's the "1"?
Chapter 11: Orchestrated Rhythm Sets
Chapter 12: Finally! Improvisation & the Solo

This volume is 170 pages with 354 Audio Practice Tracks. The Audio is provided as a digital download.


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