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The Jammin! Drum School Beat Sheet Book

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Using the BeatBox Notation that simply and visually communicates the correct tone and handing for all drums, this book contains 200 pages of blank notation sheets, for drumming students to record lessons and workshops, or create and compose their own rhythms. Each sheet contains a key to the notation for easy and immediate reference. The Introduction contains the complete explanation of the notation as well as individual keys for many standard (and not-so-common) hand drums and percussion instruments.

The BeatBox Notation allows easy transposition of rhythms to different instrumentation, and has been successfully used with groups ranging all the way from Primary grade school students to professional musicians. The notation is designed to avoid a number of issues (familiar to students of ethnomusicology)  which arise when endeavoring to represent worldbeat polyrhythms in Western musical notation. The BeatBox system does not misrepresent an accented or “pulsed” structure where none is present in the traditional music.

Martin Wolf Murphy began instructing and facilitating drum and fire circles in 1992 after years of study. He continues to study rhythms incessantly, and founded the JAMMIN! Drum School to share the rhythms and the insights that these traditional rhythms offer. He focuses on drums and sound as healing tools and has completed the Remo Health Rhythms Facilitator training (twice); is a Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention Authorized Therapy Provider; and has performed, practiced Sound Healing, and recorded from coast to coast. Dale Lynn Pearsall is a talented student of rhythms and editor who has contributed greatly to perfecting the notation and presentation of the rhythms.

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