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Hoop/Frame/Shaman Drum Building Workshops at DCFG

  • $ 9400

Build your own Shaman (Hoop) Frame Drum! 

This is a fantastically primal experience and you will not only craft your own spiritual instrument but will learn some of the technique and lore associated with this style of Healing Drum.

All materials are included. Your frame can be either multi-ply Maple (domestic) or solid bentwood Mulberry (imported). You select the type of rawhide drum head you want; the rawhide lacing used to attach your head will most likely be Horse (for strength) and the lace to create the handle will match your selection of hide if possible, but we make it a point to use as much of every hide as possible by cutting all scrap into lace so it may vary.

You will personally mount your rawhide drum head and craft your handle from the lacing on the back. Hoops under 16" MUST be crafted from Deer skin (or upgraded to Elk or Moose, IF we can get thinner hides for the smaller hoops.)

You may currently select Calf/Cow, Deer, Goat or Camel hide for your instrument—please include a note with your order letting us know your top 2 preferences (Hides can be very seasonal!). Other hides (Moose, Elk) are available at an additional cost; contact us to order these so we can check availability and price.

Prices listed include the workshop fee and all materials required!

Hide Characteristics

Calf/Cow: Medium tones. These skins tend to be somewhat translucent which gives a very cool appearance, especially around fires. :)

Camel: Good tonal range, more resistant than other hides to humidity changes in tone.

Deer: Higher pitched tonality; beautiful white/golden hues.

Goat: Deeper tones; we use African Goat hide which is hand-scraped to remove hair which can leave beautiful patterns on the hide.

Horse: Unbleached horse has rich dark hues (see pictures) and fantastic tonal quality. NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE

The following two skins are available for an additional cost.

If you choose one of the following options, you will need to add 2 items to your shopping cart:

  • Choose your desired size drum and add it to your cart;
  •  then come back to this page and add the ELK or MOOSE Skin Upgrade.

Elk: Very similar to deer but tends to be thicker, so deeper in tone.

Moose: Very similar to deer but tends to be slightly darker hued and thicker, thus deeper in tone.

 Please call, text, or email with any additional questions. 

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