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Gears, Onyx and Brass Steampunk Elegance Necklace - Item #001137

  • $ 4900
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Victorian elegance with science fiction flair!

The drop "pendant" for this gorgeous piece is created from 6 made-for-jewelry Gears, and gorgeous black Onyx barrel beads. The necklace portion includes more Onyx barrel beads, and high-quality faceted Onyx round beads, Brass rondelle beads, small faceted Brass beads, and several textured silver-colored alloy (lead-free) barrel beads.

18" necklace with a 3.5" drop.

This necklace is part of our Artisan Collection and is a one-of-a-kind expression; this is the only one of this design that we will create so you are guaranteed a unique piece!


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