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Eden or Bust! The Wisdom of Miriam's Tambourine (Book)

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New title on PRESALE! The full color printed books will be delivered by December 15th. 

Miriam’s Tambourine is a folktale all about regaining our primal wisdom and connection, and the act of empowerment and purification that allows this is Drumming! But it’s so much more than that. For to receive her drum to play for that sacred purpose, we first must journey to find Miriam. And the folktale is the treasure map for that journey—in code. 

Miriam’s own saga is the story of the eradication of the Female Divine at the hands of the Mosaic God. To find her we must speak to the Ancestors, reconnect with the wisdom of the Wild, and unwind our own religious history all the way back to a primal spirituality that still included the feminine in its notion of deity. 

The simple details of the folktale offer a pathway into a critical re-evaluation of fundamental Western concepts. These are beliefs that it is almost inconceivable to call into question as they are simultaneously the core values of our culture, the control mechanisms of that culture, and the justifications for that culture’s rapacious colonizing behavior. This journey helps us question and transcend these assumptions. But what can break the status quo of an entire culture?

Miriam is returning to answer just precisely this question. She is here to tell us that there is a way of living in which we belong to this planet in profound health and community. She’s here to tell us where we got lost, and specifically what to do to find our way again. And when we see that there is a joyful, correct, biologically ethical way for us to live, we finally receive the benediction of compassion for ourselves that alone can foster the possibility of real compassion for anything—and everything—else.

With all that said to prepare us for the journey,


In this book, Wolf retells the folktale of Miriam's Tambourine—a traditional tale that teaches us that drum and dance and song are the joyful  treatment needed to heal the neuroses and ills of our culture. On the way there,

  • we realize god actually had something to say in the baffling Tower of Babel myth,
  • we reclaim Miriam as exemplar of a suppressed lineage of female prophets,
  • we contemplate the twin birth of the alphabet and the patriarchy,
  • we return a bit to wildness by embracing our connections to the Animals and the Ancestors, and
  • we become inspired to translate all those ideas into real healing by incorporating them into Drumming and Dancing. 

From the Preface:

"I want to say a few words about the genesis of this work. I found the book Miriam’s Tambourine and Other Jewish Folktales about 20 years ago in a used bookstore and grabbed it off the shelf since there was a DRUM mentioned in the title. I stood there and read the title story and was just  stunned. I felt like I’d accidentally dropped about 4 hits of blotter.

I GOT IT. Instantly. This story affirmed everything I have so long intuited about the work I do with drumming for creating community and the possibility of healing. Further, it affirmed much of my intuition about the ways that technological civilization damages humans and makes us diseased and neurotic.

I knew right in that moment that I would write this book. I knew there was a LOT I would have to research in order to do this. I had NO idea that it would take a couple decades, that it would require biblical exegesis and intense research into the archaeohistory of the alphabet, or that it would identify the actual identity of the allegorical Ark of the Covenant. I had no idea that I would come to understand Moses as an unintentional supervillian, seduced by the accidental powers of darkness, and Miriam as the heroine of a forgotten, suppressed lineage of priestesses!"