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Deer Rawhide Rounds for Hoop/Shamanic Drums

Deer Rawhide Rounds for Hoop/Shamanic Drums

  • $ 3800

These are natural (unbleached) deer hide rounds. Deer can have a range of hues from white to tan to gold. It has the advantage of being the hide that gets the softest when soaked, so it can be the easiest to work with, form-fitting to your frame, and typically covering the sides with no significant wrinkling in the skin. Beautiful mellow tones with warm harmonics.

To determine the size you need for a given hoop:
Diameter + (2 X depth) + 2 = the correct size of round
for an 18" Mulberry frame (which are 4 inches in depth)
18 + (2 X 4) + 2 = 28
so you would want a 28-inch round.

Note: These rawhide rounds are a natural product from a wild animal. There may be flaws, imperfections, or scarring. Any hides sent will be entirely suitable for drum making!