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Bone, Mask, Vertebrae, Crystal and Quartz Energy Catcher/Sun Catcher (001513)

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Mama's Mojo Makers are artistic decorative displays featuring minerals, crystals, and bells—all traditional materials used to increase and enhance the flow of energy in your home! While they can be displayed in windows as a sun catcher, we use them throughout all our personal spaces for these beneficial effects. These are designed and crafted from the same high-quality natural materials, beads and mineralogical specimens we utilize in our jewelry art.

This is some voodoo mojo, this here! This Mama's Mojo Makers is about 21.375 inches overall length and features:

  • A single large hand-carved Bone Mask Pendant
  • A large faceted sun catching crystal at the base
  • Large Fish/Snake Vertebrae
  • Double-drilled Crystal Chandelier Beads
  • Small Bone round beads in parallel rows between the Chandelier Crystals
  • Quartz/Crystal Transparent round beads

The intention behind this piece is to create and charge a connection with Ancestral energies. We design these to be gorgeous anywhere in your living space that you desire to enhance and multiply the mojo, whether or not you choose to display it in a window. 

This Energy Catcher is part of our Artisan Collection and is a one-of-a-kind expression; this is the only one of this design that we will create so you are guaranteed a unique piece!