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Axatse gourd rattle with plastic beads, Ghana

Axatse gourd rattle with plastic beads, Ghana

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Product Description

This type of shaker is made from a dried gourd that has naturally shaped handle and a bulbous end that allows for a beaded net to cover it. A small hole is cut in the gourd and the seeds and fibrous material is removed and the inside is scraped clean. The sound is lively and these plastic beads are popular for loud timbre & colorful look. The sound is loud and clear and adds a vibrant edge to music.

    Handcrafted in Ghana and Nigeria by expert craftspeople, each shaker is a small work of art. In Ewe part of Ghana the local name for this type of gourd shaker is axatse (pronounced ah-Haht-say) in Nigeria the Ibo name is “ishaka” (e-Shaka).

    The image shown on this page is an example of the type of gourd shakers you will receive, bead colors and designs may vary, however quality of sound and assembly are always guaranteed the same. 

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