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Mama's Mojo Maker: Agatized Coral Geode slice, Crystal, Glass Beads and Brass Bells - Item #001512

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Mama's Mojo Makers are artistic decorative displays featuring minerals, crystals, and bells—all traditional materials used to increase and enhance the flow of energy in your home! While they can be displayed in windows as a sun catcher, we use them throughout all our personal spaces for these beneficial effects. These are designed and crafted from the same high-quality natural materials, beads and mineralogical specimens we utilize in our jewelry art.

The focal for this Mama's Mojo Maker is an Agatized Coral Fossil Geode slice. The strand features:

  • Faceted Crystal heart beads and rondelles
  • Glass rondelle beads
  • Brass Bells
  • Quartz Crystal chip beads

This display is approximately 21.25 inches in overall length.