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African Trade Glass & Goldstone Necklace - Item #001231

  • $ 5600

Numerous styles of collectible African Trade Beads form the body of this bold and striking piece, separated by Goldstone (Glass) rondelle beads. The center is a large yellow "Pigeon Egg" bead (the dealer placed these at 150-300 years old). There are 2 large "Prosser" Trade Glass beads from the Burmese trade, and several colors of Bohemian Glass trade beads, including numerous translucent red "Pigeon Blood" color (collectible), all dated at 75 to 150 years old. There are also 2 similarly-aged yellow "Hummingbird Egg" beads!

This necklace is approximately 21" long.

This necklace is part of our Artisan Collection and is a one-of-a-kind expression; this is the only one of this design that we will create so you are guaranteed a unique piece!

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