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24 by 3 inch Shaman/Hoop/Frame Drum, Calf Skin, Aegishjalmur Bind Rune Art (001533)

  • $ 26900

This is a large Shaman hoop or frame drum with a Cow Skin head (with beautiful natural patterning) and Horse Hide lace. The lacing on the back was designed to mirror the bind rune on the face of the drum, and I very much had the proverb that "Thje drum is the Shaman's Horse" in mind when I created this one.

The hoop is 10-ply Maple. The drum has a powerful and primal deep tonality with glorious resonance.

The design is the bind rune "Aegishjalmur" ("helm of awe"), and is a very ancient and beneficial bind rune. Algiz (Elhaz) is the primary rune in use. The Aegishjalmur's purpose is protection and making one irresistable in battle.

Another one of a kind instrument from The JAMMIN! Shop!

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