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Steel "Q-Drum" Cowskin Djembe OOAK! 17.5 by 27 inches! 001553

  • $ 49500

Truly one of a kind! Measures a full 16 inch playing surface diameter (about 17.5 inches counting rings and rope) X 27 in height. Not only is it a remarkable work of art but an amazing sounding djembe! Incomprehensible volume, surprising tonal range, surprisingly dry tones for a steel shell.

Quentin Shaw ("Q Drums") is a metalworking artist in Chicago who handcrafted this huge djembe shell, and we skinned it with Kip/Calf Skin tie-dyed by Seaweed Rogers, matching the metal. 

(Quentin referred to this as the "Djembe Killer," insisting it was a giant Darbukka.)

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