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Buffalo Hide Shaman Drum, Mulberry, Bells, Beadwork, Resonator Lumps 001548

  • $ 32900

24" Buffalo Hide Shaman with: 
  • "resonator lumps" (florida deer and wild pig bone caps) around the outer frame under the skin. These are added to vary the tension across the hide and create more complex overtones; it's a subtle effect and a trancier sound, and
  • beadwork decorating the back with 4 deer vertebrae. One has a long enough spine that it can be rotated inside the drum to bounce off the skin as you play; the velocity of the strike and the angle of the drum can modulate the "echo" timing, and
  • A full half or semicircle of bells inside the frame.

AhhMAZing deep bass tone and many possibilities for expression.

Sound check video linked below; sound is unedited, iPhone mic can be a bit overstated.

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