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XL Turtle Shaman Rattle (River Cooter, Horse Hide, Birch) 001569

  • $ 12000

This Shaman Rattle is constructed from a 10" X 7" River Cooter sell with a Birch wood handle. The leather is Horse, a spine-centered strip of particular beauty; the lacing is Buffalo. Inside the shell are fossil stone beads (a lot of them) that create a very loud and joyful sound.

Shell: 10" X 7" Red Slider

Overall dimentions: Roughly 23.5 X 7 X 3"

Rawhide used: Horse Spineline

Lacing: Buffalo

Handle: 1.25" diameter Birch Wood

Contents: 6 mm and 8 mm Fossil-stone beads (crinoids, brachiopods, etc.)

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