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8-Key (Paduak) Burkina Faso-style Bala or Balafon

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This sweet-sounding xylophone features a pentatonic used on the bala of the Tusia (also Tussian) people of Burkina Faso. Made by our friend Eddie Osborne at Pan African Arts/Ancestral Memories.

The instrument's 8 padauk keys are mounted on a frame of wood and bamboo. Underneath each of the keys are gourds fitted with mirlitons, which emit the characteristic "buzz" when the keys are struck.

Dimensions: 24" l. x 16" w. x 9" h. (cm. 61 x 41 x 23)

The following videos ( feature the bala in play: "Balafon du Burkina Faso," "In Family Circle: Daouda Diabate," "Daouda Diabate plays DabaBa on the Tusia balafon," "Herbert Kinobe meets Daouda Diabate," "Seydou Diabate (Kanazoe) on the Tusia balafon"

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