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Rhythm A Day Blog for March 31, 2020: Micronesian Culture and Traditions Day

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Due to several causes, including the current cancellation of public events and the resultant economic concerns, I'm going to have to devote less computer time to this project and more to my publishing/design/typography business.

We will continue this blog but on a free or donation basis, and it will still be a Rhythm for (particular) Days, but it will be one or two days a week. 

For those already subscribed, if you elect to maintain your subscription at the current (and still ridiculously low! even for 4 lessons a month!) level as a donation, thank you! You can also cancel, and re-sign up for free or at a lower level of donation. If you subscribed for the year and you want a refund, please let me know, and you can still enjoy the 4–6 entries a month we plan on for the time being.

I plan to work on building this blog! There's little I'd rather do; if it gets to the point where it can sustain us like a full-time job we will get more ambitious again! (And it is a full-time job lol.) I will still be creating the facebook group we mentioned, after we manage this transition.

And always, thank you for your support!


Micronesian Culture
and Traditions Day

First—where is Micronesia? Well, New Guinea is north of the Eastern part of Australia; Micronesia is a whole collection of islands, scattered North and East of New Guinea.

Map of Micronesia Oceania ww

Wikimedia Commons User Hobe / CC BY-SA

Micronesia celebrates a unique holiday called Micronesian Culture and Traditions Day on the last day of March. This festive occasion was introduced for the express purpose of remembering and honouring the numerous cultural traditions of the many islands of The Federation of Micronesia. 

Culture Day was introduced by Micronesian president Emanuel Mori, with cooperation from the Micronesian congress, as a national holiday. Many other nations, he noted, have national cultural festivals, and it only seemed right that Micronesia should have one too.

So on March 31, the government sponsors exhibits, seminars, festivals, concerts, and more to celebrate the diverse languages, ethnic groups, religions, and cultural traditions to celebrate Micronesian diversity.

Chamorro performer elder

Kutturan Chamoru performer, Micronesian Culture and Traditions Day
Photo: (Marilyn Sourgose/CC BY)

One of these diverse peoples is the indigenous Chamorro tribes.

The dances of the ancient Chamorro people were poorly documented and would not exist today without the work of scholars. One in particular, Francisco “Frank” Rabon, founder of the Taotao’ Tano dance goup, gets credit for the Chamorro Dance revival. He studied what historical information there was and recreated ancient Chamorro dance.

Chamorro children

Chamorro children learning the traditional stick dancing.
(U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Melissa B. White / Public domain)


Landing page photo: Female Chamorro performers.
Photo: (Marilyn Sourgose / CC BY)

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