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Rhythm-A-Day Blog for January 7, 2020

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The word theophany comes from the Greek roots theis "God" and phainein, "to show": hence, to show God. In Orthodox Christianity this commemorates the day  that the Trinity was revealed to the world through the Baptism of Jesus. The Son of God was baptized by Saint John, and the Spirit descended upon him as a dove. This Feast, dating back to Apostolic times, was called the Day of Illumination or the Feast of Lights.

Baptism here is an initiation to redeem us from the darkness (of not knowing God) and bring us into the light of the divine. This frees us from trying to understand the mystery of God through reason, and exposure to the sanctified waters helps us open ourselves to purification and the revelation of the mystery of the Trinity, which is a metaphor for the interconnectedness and unity of all things.

A common part of the celebration is a blessing of the waters. This can be blessing water in containers in a church, or blessing the river in a service literally on the water!

We will use the rhythm Kawa, a Guinean rhythm for shamen who the interconnectedness and unity of all things, and hold the secrets of day and night, and the powers of plants, and use this knowledge to protect and defend against evil.

Here are these rhythms in today's lesson:

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