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Rhythm-A-Day Blog for January 2, 2020: Ancestor's Day in Haiti

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Jour des Aieux in Haiti

Ancestors' Day is a day of remembrance of the heroes who served and died in the quest for Haitian freedom. The celebration of the 2nd of January seems more like a continuation of the festivities of the previous day (on January 1st, 1804, Haiti declared Independence). The Haittian flag bore the slogan "Liberty or Death" for a few years after independence was attained. Feasts of roasted chicken, turkey, beef, or goat are served on Ancestor's Day.

The Haitian Rhythm Nago represents ancestry, recalling Haitian ethnic roots in Nigeria (Yorubaland), and is associated with Warrior energy, fatherly council and powerful leadership. 

Hereis our Video Lesson for Nago!

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