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Rhythm-A-Day Blog for January 1, 2020: Feast of The Holy Child of Antocha/Eleggua

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Feast of The Holy Child of Antocha/Eleggua

Veve (sacred symbol) for Eleggua

Veve (a symbol that creates a pathway between an Orixa and a devotee) for Eleggua
In the syncretic Santeria religion of Cuba, the Orisha (Spirits derived from the African Yoruba deities) became associated with resonant Christian saints and feast days. Eleggua is the protector of and opener of the ways, allowing communication between the world of Man and that of the Spirits; as such his celebration on the doorstep of the New Year is fully appropriate. He is a trickster Spirit with a playful and mischevious attitude, and he must be appeased to open the doors to the realms of Spirit. His representation is a head-shaped concrete statue which has three cowrie shells representing the eyes and mouth. This is placed behind the front door, as Eleggua is the guardian of portals. 

  Here is our Video Lesson for today:

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