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Rhythm-A-Day Blog for February 16, 2020: Dave Lombardo Born

Posted by Wolf Murphy on

Birth of Dave Lombardi

David Lombardo is a Cuban-American drummer born February 16, 1965. He is best known as a co-founding member of American thrash metal band Slayer, but has played on a total of 35 commercial albums in a variety of genres. A partial list of bands:

  • Fantômas
  • Suicidal Tendencies
  • Dead Cross
  • Mr. Bungle
  • The Misfits 

Dave Lombardi playing with Slayer.
(Photo by Krousky Peutebatre/Wikimedia Commons)

He is known as an aggressive and remarkably innovative heavy metal drummer; Drummerworld named him "the Godfather of Double Bass" drumming. He profoundly values live playing and relying on his natural timing:

“I feel you don’t get the organic performance, the excitement that a song needs, when it’s recorded to a click. That’s why so many drummers sound similar today. They’re consistent, but there’s no identity, no originality. Dead Cross never uses a click. All the early Slayer records were done without a click. People connect to those songs not just for the lyrics and music—it’s the emotional feel, the human element. Beat Detective? Quantizing? That shit’s evil.”

—Dave Lombardo (the full article is here

He has used the diverse genres as an opportunity to stretch his playing, and nowhere is this diversity clearer than on his playing for Mr. Bungle.

Mr. Bungle live in 1999 during the California Tour.
(Photo by Heather Leah Kennedy/Wikimedia Commons)

We are going to adapt a couple of foundational phrases from the song Carousel as dunun patterns for our lesson today!


Today's Video Lesson

Landing page photo: Dave Lombardo playing with Fantômas.
(Wikimedia Commons)

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